Cybersecurity attacks are constantly on the rise!

Between data breaches that aim to collect confidential client information, ransomware attacks that hijack user machines in an attempt to extort money, and financial information being compromised and used for identity theft and fraud, it is of the utmost importance that security becomes a primary, essential focus for businesses of any size.
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At KokoBo, our business is taking the worry of cyberattacks off of you so you can run your business

Our full suite of network security appliances and infrastructure services are tailored to you and your business so we may proactively mitigate the threat of a cybersecurity attack, giving you and your clients peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to test your network and applications against potential threats, in need of systems and server administration, or you’re migrating whole data centers to popular cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services,
KokoBo is up to the task.


Have a cybersecurity attack? We’re here to help!

Our staff of professional cybersecurity analysts is ready to assess the damage and provide you with a concrete understanding of what went wrong, as well as how we can help you prevent attacks in the future. We specialize in prompt, thorough incident response and diagnostics.

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