Penetration Testing

IT security products may look good in the marketing brochure and seem easy to set up in your office. However, in the real world, even well-defended networks have weak spots that a hacker can exploit to attack your business data, or gain access to financial details.

With our expert testing and exploit procedures, we can carry out real-world tests on your network and find those weaknesses based on common or rare vulnerabilities and help secure your systems.

We utilize a full suite of testing tools that rigorously examine your existing network infrastructure and web applications. These range from holes in firewall configurations that a would-be attacker might use to gain access to privileged systems and information to weaknesses in web application code that could leave it susceptible to an outage. This is an excellent way to ensure that network design and web services you’re looking to implement into your business are safe and secure!

Testing services include: Black-Box Testing, White Box Testing, Gray-Box Testing, Advanced Phishing Campaigns, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

Network Security Design and Appliance Deployment

Building an office network is simple thanks to modern server and operating system software, and easy WiFi. However, building a secure network requires years of experience with these products and knowing which settings are crucial to protect your business information, and which features can be shut to protect the network.

As enterprises grow their networks, new weaknesses can appear in any product, from printers to mobile devices and the constant threat of portable storage, all of which requires expert skills to design and add features that will defend your business data.
At KokoBo, we will strive to design a network security solution to fit the needs of your business, whatever size it may be. Our security appliances come from the best manufacturers in the industry: Cisco, Fortinet, Sophos, and Juniper Networks, and our experienced staff are ready to provide you with custom, seamless solutions that appropriately reflect the size and type of network you run.

Server Administration (Windows & Linux)

Regardless of whether you’re a Windows, Linux, or hybrid environment, we provide top-notch management of your server infrastructure through extensive knowledge of server operating systems, Active Directory, and permissions management. Systems Administrators are often one of the first links in a business’ security chain, and KokoBo’s highly skilled administrators are well aware of that. We bring the same focus on secure, effective solutions across all of our various services, keeping you protected across the board.

AWS Design, Auditing, and Cloud Data Center Migration

Setting up a new data center in the cloud or looking for a way to expand upon current physical resources? KokoBo specializes in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resource design, providing reliable, inexpensive server solutions for businesses of any size. Or, if you’re sick of the liability and inconvenience that comes with keeping and maintaining a physical server infrastructure, let us migrate your data center to the cloud for you! Our management and auditing services of AWS resources ensure you won’t spend any more than you have to on cloud computing power, which allows you to allocate time and money to other aspects of your business.

If you’ve just moved to Amazon Web Services’ cloud storage or processing tools, to improve your business performance, you might open up new areas of IT risk you may be unaware of. As has been demonstrated many times through embarrassing leaks, AWS services must be built and designed with security in mind to prevent information breaches. While AWS places security as one of their highest concerns, it is still up to the client to manage their own security solutions on their cloud servers and resources.

Endpoint Protection and Cloud Security

Smartphones, tablets, PCs and Internet of Things devices are all part of a booming number of endpoints. The growing trend toward business mobility and remote access creates new risks for enterprises and your business data. Endpoint security provides software and services to ensure only legitimate users and mobile devices or notebook systems can connect to your network, preventing unwanted access.

That’s where we at KokoBo come in. We provide full management of operating system security on multiple platforms, ensuring antivirus definitions are up to date, patches are applied consistently and without failure, mobile devices are securely authenticated and certified, and your cloud systems are protected from outside forces. Take the burden of multi-level security management off of you and your IT staff by going with KokoBo’s professional security services!

Python Development

Python scripts are a major part of the glue that keeps Internet services up and running, and are used by many businesses for a wide range of tasks. Whatever your requirements for data or services management, we can help build a secure and fast python script to improve your business productivity or processes.
Many businesses prefer to have company-specific software solutions created for them, as opposed to relying on third-party software. This approach provides the added benefits of owning solutions as part of a business’ intellectual property as well as faster remediation of software issues, should they arise. If your business is in need of a particular solution, or you’re tired of relying on third-party application developers to fix their software issues, let us at KokoBo develop secure, specifically-tailored solutions for you and your business today! We are capable of providing a wide range of solutions, ranging from backend web development, data analysis, general productivity tools, and everything in between!

Backup and Restoration Services

Business-critical data is the lifeblood of your enterprise. Losing it could sink the business or damage your reputation, so a disaster recovery policy and active data archiving and access policy is essential to protect your company and get operations back up and running if a major issue affects the business.

KokoBo goes above and beyond the competition in creating backup solutions that specifically fit your business needs. We work with you to assess not just which data is important, but how important it is and how often it should be backed up, decreasing cost and providing efficiency.

In the event of data loss or a cybersecurity attack that has threatened the integrity of your data, we can verify current data against backups and promptly provide restoration services and get your systems up and running with a quickness. We are also able to extend these services to individual client systems and data! In the event of a catastrophic laptop or desktop failure, data can be restored to newly-deployed machines so your employees can continue right back from where they left off.